Techcrunch: Enterprise AI will make the leap- who will reap the benefits?

Hans-Christian Boos, CEO and Founder of arago GmbH, was mentioned in an article published by Techcrunch. The article describes 2018 as a year in which AI will move from influencing product or business functions to an organization-wide AI strategy. Enterprise AI is rapidly moving beyond hype into reality. The companies that win the AI talent war will gain exponential advantages.

Boos told the editors, “2018 will be a make or break year for enterprise and the established economy in general. I believe Ai is the only viable path for innovation, new business models and digital disruption in companies from the industrial era. General AI can enable these enterprises to finally make use of the only advantage they have in the battle against new business models and giants from the Silicon Valley, or rather giants from the new age of knowledge based business models.”

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Arago Redaktion 17. April 2018