Der Spiegel: Time for a New Start

In this article in Germany’s leading news magazine Der Spiegel, Arago’s CEO Chris Boos presents his views on Germany’s ongoing adaptation to digitalization. Overall, the article deals with the country’s issues to get its society and laws ready for the digital world.

Digital business entrepreneurs in Germany, such as Chris Boos, have not remained silent about the lack of concrete policy making: He urges the German government to lay the legal framework for future development of a digital country. While he welcomes small investments in infrastructure, they are not enough to handle the digital revolution. Boos states that the mood in the German economy is changing. “The giant Germany is awakening”, he points out optimistically. He specifically asks for a legal framework on how to treat established industries that go out of business and policies that allow for innovations instead of hindering them.

The Spiegel article notes that Arago has just opened new branches in Silicon Valley and Bangalore, India. Arago is named as one of the few German tech firms that has received funding from global investors. Two years ago, Arago was given 50 million € by global investment company KKR.  KKR has also invested in Johannes Reck, founder of the travel startup GetYourGuide as well as the Munich car startup Lilium. However, investments that go beyond the early phases of a startup are rare to find in Germany. As a result, German tech lobbyists are calling for regulation that encourages startup investment.

Furthermore, the article mentions that Germany’s infrastructure is not up to standard. On the labor market, employees mainly see digitalization as a danger to their jobs. At the same time, the country’s education system does not support students with necessary IT skills whilst data protection laws do not meet expectations. While the parties have discovered digitalization as a topic during the last election campaign, politicians now have to act for Germany so that the country does not fall behind.

Arago Redaktion 28. September 2017