Trend.Magazin: We Reinvent the Wheel

In an interview with the Austrian trend. magazin, Chris Boos expressed his optimism about Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Comparing it to the invention of the wheel, Chris Boos explains that AI is not able to invent something new but instead it focuses on improving efficiency in processes. Over the past 200 years, our society has been optimized to work as fast and economic as possible. Boos argues that AI will however liberate our creativity. It will take over repetitive but necessary tasks. Humans will be able to concentrate on their key strengths: creativity and new inventions. Boos foresees the emergence of three occupational groups in the fields of machine operations, innovations and human interaction.

He expects European companies to adopt AI, but they will need three to five years in order to catch up with their American competitors. Boos sees US companies as frontrunners – in particular Google – but Arago is the European answer. While his company started with clients in IT, telecommunications and financial industries, the manufacturing sector is its current focus. India appears to be Arago’s fastest growing market. At the same time, the company is making its first steps into the Chinese market.

Boos sees a particular potential in the food sector, which could optimize its business with the support of AI. It can lead to improved processes starting with nutrient analysis of the soil and ending with a larger harvest.

In summary, Arago´s CEO acknowledges that big platform companies like Alibaba, Amazon, Facebook, Tencent and Google have great AI teams. However, in Europe, German and Swiss universities are producing some of the best AI talents. For the growth of the AI world, Boos considers that the industry has developed its own stable rules. They are shaped by developers, designers and investors in equal measure.

Arago Redaktion 1. August 2017

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