Wirtschaftswoche Online: Artificial Intelligence: Ten German Pioneers You Should Know

From  May 9, 2017

On May 9, 2017, WirtschaftsWoche Online published an article emphasizing the role that German companies play in the development of various technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI). Despite the high investments that US companies have made in this field – Facebook, Amazon and Apple investing around 10 billion US dollars in artificial intelligence in 2015 alone –  German AI companies are pushing the boundaries of the technology field as well. Ten German AI companies were portrayed in the article, Arago and Chris Boos being the first.

The company description begins with a focus on Chris’ personality as determined, eloquent and full of energy. Boos frequently travels between the Frankfurt and New York offices, regularly taking the time to speak to media representatives on both sides of the Atlantic. The short summary goes on to explain the company: Arago (and HIRO™) teaches machines how to quickly learn from humans and then take over routine tasks, autonomously automating processes such as software-updates and data protection. Clients include the Swiss bank UBS, the US service provider CompuCom and German steel and metals distributor Klöckner.

The other frontrunners presented are:

  • Ava: data analysis platform for risk evaluation
  • Blue Yonder: software algorithm to predict customer behavior
  • Cargonexx: digital freight handling platform
  • Empolis: data analysis software
  • Micropsi Industries: software to teach robots to react to changed conditions
  • Semvox: voice-operated virtual assistance systems
  • Spectrm: personalization of messages
  • Twenty Billion Neurons: neuronal networks as a reproduction of the human brain to enable robots to perceive the world as humans and act accordingly
  • Valuescope: information analysis based on electronically saved written documents
Arago Redaktion 9. May 2017